Sex Toy Sunday – Womanizer

Last Sunday, I talked about the WeVibe Sync that was part of the Tease and Please package. Today, I’d like to talk about the other toy in the package. The Womanizer Premium Clitoral Stimulator. It’s sleek. There’s no glitz and glam about it like their previous model. I’ve seen the previous model and it seems like this is a huge upgrade.

I absolutely love this toy. It’s name is a bit cringe worthy, but it is what it is.

This toy holds a special place in my heart as it’s the toy I was using just before I became my Dom’s sub. I had fallen asleep with the Womanizer on. Hours later, I woke up and I still hadn’t been able to cum. I had told this to my now Dom and he wanted to try something. That was the night we had started playing. That was the night, I became submissive to him.

The Womanizer is made from silicone so it’s easy to clean. The stimulation head is removable so you can sanitize it even better.

To use it, you spread your labia and place the head over your clit. When you turn on toy, it’s like a suction cup. The air pulsates on your clit to feel like a gentle lick. When you turn up the settings, it’s like he’s going to town on your clit. It feels amazing as my clit gets very sensitive. Just ask the guy I’m dating…he’ll tell you that I start to squirm when he spends time on my clit. Imagine a girl flailing around because of the sensation…that would be me.

I love this toy…I just don’t cum easily. This is the toy I’d use when I’m tired and don’t really feel like doing anything. I just turn it on and lie naked under the covers. Sleep is like bliss after that.

You do not need to use lube with this toy. Though lube may be needed if you use the Duo. They came out with another toy that gives you the same clitoral pleasure as the Premium, but it also has a vibrator attached to stimulate the g-spot. I have yet to try that one out. Maybe that one will cum like there’s no tomorrow.

If you love when your man or woman goes down on you and treats your pussy like it’s the most delicious meal they’ve ever eaten, then I’d highly recommend this toy.

Yours Truly,

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