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The Kidnapping (Part 1)

Happy Friday! Here’s to another Fantasy Friday!

“Good morning Sir,” I text him as I always do. I take my phone and turn on the camera. I send him a morning nude as I always do.

Three hours go by and I don’t hear from him. He hasn’t even read my message. Maybe he’s working. 

Hours go by and I still don’t hear a thing. It’s now noon and I’m getting a bit worried. What if he doesn’t want me anymore? What if I’m not good enough as a sub? What if he leaves me?

I begin to spiral. I send him another text, “How is your day? What did you cook today?”

It’s now 3pm and I still haven’t heard a thing. Did he block me? Did I do something to make him upset?

I wait even longer and I don’t hear from him. It’s now 8pm and I text him again. I send him my poem for the day. I crawl into bed and curl up into a ball thinking he for sure doesn’t want me anymore. 

9:15pm comes around. I’m in tears. I hear a knock on the door so I wipe my eyes and go to answer it. I’m wearing nothing but a baggy sweater when I get to the door. 

There’s no one at the door. I walk outside and look around when someone grabs me from behind and covers my mouth. A blindfold is put over my eyes. He whispers in my ear, “If I uncover your mouth, do you promise not to scream?” I nod my head in agreement so he uncovers my mouth. I’m about to scream, but he puts a gag in my mouth. 

He binds my hands and pushes me into the backseat of a car. The car takes off. Suddenly, I feel a hand slide up my thigh. It’s getting closer to my lady bits. He pulls up my sweater and bunches it above my breasts. I’m completely exposed. I hear the man tell the driver, “Mind your own business and keep driving!”

The man grabs my breasts and starts to pull and pinch on my nipples. I’m squirming and I want to scream, but the gag is preventing me from saying anything. Then, I feel a hand rubbing my cunt. His fingers are playing with my folds. “Mm, you’re so wet for me.” He grabs my legs and spreads them. Then a finger plunges into my cunt. The blindfold is soaking because of all my tears. I’m being violated and humiliated. I feel so dirty, but why am I enjoying this? I start to quiver and cum on his hands. He slaps my cunt, “Did I say you could cum yet?” I shake my head. I feel like I’m cheating on my Dom. 

The car comes to a stop. He tells me to wait in the car. I hear the door open and close. His presence is now gone. I hear the door open again and someone touches my face. These are not the same hands that were just on me. These hands are more calloused; they scratch my soft skin. The scent is also different. It’s rather unpleasant. His hot breath is on my skin and it smells of cigarettes and booze. It makes me rather sick. He’s on top of me and I try to fight him off, but my hands are bound and there’s not much I can do. I try to scream, but I’m still gagged.

Then I hear the first man. “Get off of her! She’s mine!” The gross man is pulled off of me. I’m terrified at what just happened. In tears and sniffing. The first man takes off the gag and my cries get louder. I manage to make out, “I just want my Dom.” He takes off my blindfold and there he is. My Dom, in the flesh, is standing in front of me. He pulls down my sweater and unbinds my hands. I immediately hug him. “I thought you didn’t want me anymore.”

He chuckles as he helps me out of the car. “I was hoping this would be a surprise…although, the moron spoiled some of the fun. Come on, let’s go inside.”

“Yes Sir.” I follow him inside a cabin. It’s dim, but cozy. 

I’m standing there looking around the cabin. He’s standing behind me and watching me intently. “Take off your sweater.” 

I take off my sweater and now I’m completely naked. “You will remain like this the rest of the weekend.” 

“Yes Sir.”

I feel his hands squeeze my ass. “This ass belongs to me.” I feel his fingers brush through my slit. “This cunt belongs to me.” His fingers slip into my mouth. “This mouth belongs to me.” His body presses against mine as he squeezes my breasts. “This body belongs to me.” I feel his breath on my neck and he whispers in my ear, “This mind belongs to me.”

I nod my head. “Now turn and face me.”

I turn around and he’s staring at my body. “You are my sub. You are mine. Do you understand me?”

“Yes Sir. I am yours.”

“It’s late now, so go shower and then sit on the bed and wait for me.”

I head toward the shower and wash the smell of cigarettes and booze off of me. I get out of the shower and wait on the bed for Sir. I sit there for about 20 minutes. Sir finally walks in with a bag in his hands. “I will not fuck you tonight.”

I pout because I always crave Sir. “It’s late. We have a long weekend.”

Sir gets into bed and I crawl into the sheets next to him. I sleep blissfully knowing that Sir really does want me. 

To be continued…






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  1. Well I have to stay tuned so i get the rest of the story. I really hate cliff hangers but I’ll allow it. (Like I have control on the creative process…lol)

    1. I don’t like cliffhangers either, but it was necessary. There’s a lot going on. It was just too much for one post…all the things floating around in my head would probably someone think the post was way too long haha

      1. It could be 2,000 words and I would sit there and read it.

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