Running Late

I don’t like being late for anything. I am rather orderly. Deadlines must be met. Punctuality has always been a must. When people are late, I get irritated. Constant tardiness is a sign of disrespect or even laziness which are two qualities that I cannot stand.

I’ll just come out and say it, my special friend and I have unprotected sex. I’m on the pill, but still there’s a part of me that gets nervous. Birth control pills are not 100% effective and the fact that he cums inside me makes me anxious. What do I do if I get pregnant? I know he doesn’t want anymore kids.

Every time my period is late, I tell my Dom haha. He’s the rational one in the middle of my meltdowns. He’ll tell me that it’s my hormones that are messed up. His voice of reason normally calms me down.

This is the second time that my period is late. Being on the pill, the cycle is generally pretty steady so when I’m late, I start to worry. It’s a bit scary for me because I like control and right now, what my body chooses to do is not in my control. I guess if I don’t start by the end of the week, I’ll take a pregnancy test.

If it comes down to that and the test is positive, I guess you know who will be the first to know. It won’t be the guy I’m sleeping with, it’ll be my Dom.

Yours Truly,

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