Caught Red Handed

I’ve been seeing someone for a little over a month now. Our relationship is a bit of a secret. I don’t exactly know what we are. Do I call him my partner? Special friend? I can’t really classify it as friends with benefits because he did say we were dating. He’s not my boyfriend, well at least I don’t think he is. We go out to dinner and we have a lot of sex. I have a name for him, but I won’t write about it because if he finds this blog, he will know who the author is. I’m not ready for him to know that I’ve written about him. He knows I have a Dom and he’s surprisingly okay with it. Maybe it’s because he knows that my Dom and I have not had sex and that I am sexually exclusive with him. Though, he wouldn’t mind seeing me with another girl haha. That seems to be the dream for most heterosexual men.

I don’t have any kids myself. I would like to have kids someday. However, he does have a kid so I only see him when his kid is with the mom.

When we see each other, clothes are ripped off shortly after I walk through the front door. We can’t seem to keep our hands off each other and we end up having sex on the floor next to the front door.

This weekend was no different. Stripped shortly after walking into his place. He seems to get hard upon seeing me. We make out. His tongue in my mouth. I drop to my knees and take his cock in my mouth. He grabs my head and pushes me further down his shaft. I look up at him while doing so as that seems to arouse him. Then has me stop so he can suck on my nipples while his fingers slip between my legs. He lays me on the ground and spreads my legs out. His kisses trail down my abdomen. Then his mouth meets my other set of lips. His tongue laps up my wetness as he continues to finger fuck me. My cunt is rather sensitive so I start to squirm and begin trying to close my legs. He doesn’t let me. He can’t take it anymore so he spreads my legs further and moves back up my body. I gasp as his cock enters me. Several minutes go by and he finally releases his seed in me. The first round is always faster than the rounds to come. He says I drain him of his cum.

There was something different about the sex this weekend. It left me a bit confused. It was slower and seemed more sensual than usual. I guess I’ve never really experienced that sort of sex. Most guys don’t last this long. I’ve had many one night stands in the past. I’ve also had partners that I’d go on a date or two with even after having sex, but this is the most consistent, I’ve been with a guy. My ex and I didn’t even have this much sex because he had raped me then saw me as damaged goods toward the very beginning of the relationship.

I have not met his kid yet. However, this weekend, his kid found out that he had a girl. Normally after the first round of sex, we lie on the floor for a while. His naked body is on top of my naked body. This time, we moved to the bedroom right after. Our clothes were still thrown all over the front room. Our limbs were entangled with each other. Then all of a sudden…the front door swings wide open. We both scramble and say, “Oh shit!” I throw the covers over me and he jumps out of bed to close the bedroom door. The next thing we hear is his kid saying, “Oh shit! Sorry dad! I should’ve knocked.”

He realizes our clothes were all over the front room. He’s mortified that his kid had walked in on that. I thought it was a bit funny, but I’m not the parent in this situation. We talked about it over and over again for the rest of the day. If anything the kid is grossed out that dear old dad is having sex. Thankfully, we had moved to the bedroom early this time. Can you imagine his kid walking in on us fucking on the floor near the front door? That might have been traumatizing for the kid.

The kid left and my male friend came back to bed. I started laughing, but it was embarrassing because my lacy panties would have been the first thing the kid saw on the floor. He pulled me close to him and I buried my face in his chest. We waited a while before we had more sex. It took him a while to get hard again. I think the shock of being caught by his kid got to his head a bit.

We were caught red handed. We tried to keep our little rendezvous a secret, but I guess it’s out in the open now. The kid now knows that dear old dad has a girl, but hasn’t actually seen me yet. Just wait until the kid knows that dear old dad is dating a girl a lot younger than him.

The first person I told about being caught was my Dom. How could I not? This was just too epic and too funny not to share. Plus, I tell my Dom everything.

This is not my first rodeo. I’ve been with other dads before, but this is the first time being caught. Parents – how do you have sex with kids around? Those dating single parents – how do you navigate a relationship where their kids are more so present?

Yours Truly,

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  1. That is funny to me as well. The kid will not understand what just happened unless she is older. All I can say is if it gets serious that girl is going to have it out for you.

    1. The kid is a teenager haha. He seems to think his kid will like me. We’ll see about that. It may just be awkward when we meet. He’ll probably give us weird looks knowing that his dad and I have been naked together haha.

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