Sex Toy Sunday – WeVibe Sync

When I had bought the WeVibe, I was talking to my now Dom. It was the night that I became his sub. Instead of buying the WeVibe Sync by itself, I bought the Please and Tease Black Collection. It came with the Womanizer. Normally, you cannot get these toys in black. This was a limited edition, but had cost the same amount as a normal Please and Tease. The pack costs between $250 and $300 depending on where you buy it.


The WeVibe is designed for partner or solo play. Alone, the WeVibe Sync runs for about $200. At this price point, it’s considered a high end brand. It is made from silicone so it’s easy to sanitize. Being made from silicone, I’d highly recommend using a water based lube so you don’t destroy the toy.

Inside the Please and Tease Collection

The Sync comes with a charging base/cover as well as a remote. It’s adjustable to you can bend it to fit perfectly. The toy is meant for dual stimulation so you’ll get stimulus on both your clitoris and G-spot. The sensations from solo play are amazing, but I bought this more so for partner play.

We-Connect App

The WeVibe Sync is compatible with the We-Connect App. You can either control the toy manually or via Bluetooth on your phone. You can also connect a partner to your device and allow them to control it. Red means your partner is offline. Yellow means it’s waiting for your partner to connect. Green means they are online and connected. Your partner can also request to connect. Your partner can be on the other side of the planet and you can still play with them.

My Dom and I try to play using the WeVibe. In theory, it’s a great toy and it’s the closest I’ll get to having sex with my Dom as he’s far away. However, the connection is wonky and is easily disconnected. It even disconnects from my own phone and will stop suddenly. I wish the toy would stay connected as the few moments in which my Dom is controlling my pleasure tend to be the most arousing. I like giving him control and this is just one way to do so. WeVibe executives, if you are reading this, please fix this issue.

I have yet to try a Lovense vibrator, but I’m curious to compare with WeVibe. Maybe that will be my next investment. I’m sure my Dom wouldn’t mind testing it on me. I’d like to see if the connection is better or if partner play is an issue for all interactive toy companies.

Have any of you tried the WeVibe or Lovense for partner play? What did you think? If you’ve tried both, which did you think was better?

Yours Truly,

The Sassy Sub Daily

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