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The Brunette

Happy Friday! It’s time for another Fantasy Friday!

It’s Friday evening and Sir comes home a bit early. He grabs my right hand and leads me upstairs. “It’s time to get ready.”

“Ready for what, Sir?”

“Oh, just wait and see. Your little cunt is in for a treat.”

He starts the shower and tells me to strip. He’s watching my every movement as one by one, my articles of clothing fall to the ground. “My little slut, that cunt of yours needs a bit of work. Get in the shower and shave the remnants of hair on your cunt.”

I get into the shower and do as he says. He’s studying me very intently. After few minutes, Sir begins removing his clothing. Sir is naked and my cunt finds him very arousing. He joins me in the shower and runs his hand across my cunt. He nods his head in approval. My cunt must be really smooth. He inspects me for cleanliness. His hands roam my body. They stop on my hips and one hand slowly makes its way to my cunt. His fingers slip into my folds and I let out a loud moan. He gives me a smack and says to save it for tonight.

We get out of the shower and he hands me a little black dress. It’s satin and very short with spaghetti straps. I grab some panties when he shakes his head at me. “You won’t be needing those. No bra or panties for you tonight.”

I put on the dress. It barely covers me ass. One wrong move and my cunt will be exposed too. The neckline plunges so my breasts are also on display. It’s a dress with a lot of potential wardrobe malfunctions. I’m nervous for what Sir has in store for me tonight.

Sir is looking at my body. His eyes are hungry and he licks his lips. Sir is now dressed as well. He’s wearing a charcoal gray button up shirt with black pants. He’s left the top few buttons of shirt undone showing off a bit of his chest hair. Sir always looks incredibly sexy. He’s so yummy and I always crave him.

“Let’s go, slut!” Sir grabs my arms and drags me downstairs. He tells me to get in the car and he starts to drive somewhere.

“Sir, where are we going?”

He chuckles. “Oh, you’ll see.”

He parks at a restaurant that looks like it’s connected to a nightclub. He pulls out my WeVibe and tells me to put it in before getting out of the car. I open my legs and insert the WeVibe. He looks at me with lust in his eyes. “Tonight will be very fun.”

We get out of the car and walk into the restaurant. While waiting for the hostess, Sir stands behind me and pulls my body close to him. His hands on my hips; one wanders under the front on my dress. He starts to move my WeVibe around inside me causing me to purr. His other hand covers my mouth and he whispers in my ear, “You need to be quiet little slut.”

The hostess approaches us so Sir repositions his hands back on my hips. “Reservation for Smith.” The hostess grabs a couple of menus and leads us to a circular booth so I know Sir is certainly up to something. We slide into the booth. It is rather difficult in such a short dress; my dress is riding up and I accidentally flash the hostess my cunt. She’s in a bit of a shock; it’s clearly written on her face. Sir finds it amusing so he is smirking at me. The hostess scurries off and Sir rests his hand on my upper thigh; it’s really close to my bare cunt so I start to squirm. “I know you were aroused letting her see your cunt. If I touched it right now, I bet you’d be soaking wet.” I’m blushing; my face is turning a shade redder than a ripe tomato.

We look at the menus and the waiter comes by. Sir orders a bottle of wine and a 16oz ribeye medium rare. The waiter looks at me and in the middle of telling his order, Sir turns on the WeVibe and I start to stutter. “I’ll have your grilleeeeeeed ch-chi-chimichuuuuurri chiiickkkkken sa-aaah-laaad, puh puhlease.” The waiter looks like he wants to laugh and Sir is once again smirking. The waiter leaves and I pout at Sir. He grabs my chin to my face up so I’m looking at him. He laughs. “I know you secretly enjoyed that.”

The waiter is walking back with the bottle of wine. “Take out the WeVibe!” His voice is like a whisper yet very commanding. “But Sir, he’s coming back.” Sir gives me a stern look, “Sluts like you like to show off your cunt. Take out the WeVibe and show him what’s mine.” The waiter is nearing our booth so I spread my legs. I slip my hand under my dress and pull the WeVibe out. It’s soaking wet. The waiter is a bit stunned at what he’s just seen. He’s holding the bottle of wine with his mouth wide open. Sir whispers in my ear, “Now, ask him for a paper napkin to wrap your WeVibe in…and make sure he knows what the napkin is for.”

“Um um um, do you happen to have any um paper napkins? I need to wrap my um toy in it.” Sir is smirking even more. The waiter turns bright red and stumbles to grab some napkins from his apron. “Oh um here. And here’s your wine too.” He quickly ran off. I see the waiter talking to the other waiters. They all begin to turn toward me and they begin eying me up and down. I hide my face in Sir’s side because I’m so embarrassed. “Don’t hide little slut. Let them see your face.”

Sir pours some wine and tells me to drink some to loosen up. Still waiting for our food to arrive, his hand wanders up my dress and he begins finger fucking my cunt. “You are very wet, my little Jap slut.” The food arrives and Sir removes his fingers from my cunt. My legs are sticky from the cum that leaked out of my cunt. Sir puts his fingers in my mouth and tells me to clean them off. “Good girl. I know you like the taste of cunt.”

We finish our food and Sir pays the bill. We walk over to the nightclub. The bouncer says the cover charge for both of us is $50. “Flash him your tits.” Sir whispers in my ear. I don’t have to do much for my dress to shift exposing my breasts completely for the bouncer to see. “Let me touch them and you can go in for free.” Sir nods his head to give the bouncer permission. The bouncer calls over his buddies and one by one, they begin groping and fondling my breasts. “You may now proceed.”

We enter the club and sit at a table. After a few cocktails, I’m feeling a bit tipsy so I start to rub up on Sir. “Sir, please fuck me. I’ve been a good girl all night long.” I climb onto his lap and begin rocking my hips and back forth. I can feel him getting aroused beneath me, but he won’t give in that easily. Sir moves me back onto the seat and I give him a pout. “Why don’t you want me tonight?” Sir smirks at me, “Oh little slut, you have much to learn. The night is just getting started. There’s still more fun to be had with you.”

Sir notices a brunette sitting alone at the bar. She’s wearing a form fitting red dress. Her hair is silky and a mix of light brown and ash blonde, it goes down to her mid-back. She appears to be nursing her drink. Sir points the girl at the bar. “Go flirt with her and try to get her to come back to this table.”

“But Sir, I don’t like girls. I only like men.”

“Just be a good girl and do as I say or else I won’t let you have any cock tonight.”

I pout and walk over to the girl. I gently touch her shoulder and give her a faint smile. She looks at me up and down. Her eyes fixate on my breasts before they meet my eyes. Sir really wanted to humiliate me with this dress. She motions for me to sit next to her. She places her hand on my upper thigh and I open my legs just a bit for her. The girl turns around and sees Sir staring at us. “Is he yours?” I smile and nod at her. “Oh, he is quite the looker. Do you need to get back to him anytime soon?”

I whisper in her ear, “He wants you to join in our fun tonight.” She smiles at me, her eyes suddenly full of lust. She grabs my hand and pulls me back to the table that Sir is sitting at. “Hi! I’m Kara! Your girl is very sexy.” I blush and hide my face in my hands. I don’t quite know how to react.

“Let’s get out of here and you can have fun with my little slut tonight.”

We walk toward Sir’s car. I’m about to get in the front seat. “No! You sit in the back with Kara and I will watch how she uses you through the rear view mirror.”

The drive back to the house takes about 20 minutes. Kara’s hand move further and further up my leg until it’s resting on my cunt. I’m silent. I’m stunned. I don’t know how to feel about a girl touching me this way.

We make it back to the house and head straight to the bedroom. Sir orders me to strip immediately. I’m embarrassed that a girl will see me naked. I hesitate and Sir walks over and pulls the dress off of me. Completely naked, the girls stares at my body. Sir pushes me onto the bed. “Have your way with her.”

Kara strips and now she is naked. She gets onto the bed and I start to squirm. “One moment,” Sir says and he grabs some rope. He ties my hands and feet to the bed so now I can’t escape. The girl positions herself over my face. She begins riding my mouth, forcing me to taste her. Sir is watching and he’s rather amused. Two naked girls currently in his bedroom. He’s getting aroused so he also removes his clothes. Kara continues to use my mouth until she cums. It’s faint, but has a bit of sweetness.

Kara starts to suck on my breasts. It’s weird having a girl do this to me. Normally, only Sir’s mouth is on my breasts. I let out a moan. Sir can’t take it anymore so he joins us on the bed. He unties me and flips me over. Kara moves to the head of the bed and spreads her legs. Sir makes me get on all fours. He grabs my hips and slicks his fingers through my slit. “Oh little slut, you’re soaking wet.” He pushes my face into Kara’s cunt forcing me to taste her again. “You enjoy eating cunt. I know you do so now I will also loan you out to other women, little slut. Lick her pussy like you mean it and maybe I won’t make you sleep on the floor tonight.”

I begin to lick and suck her pussy harder and faster. Sir lines his cock up with my cunt. He slams his cock into me and I begin to whimper. Sir has turned into an animal. He’s fucking me like I’m a bitch in heat. Thrust after thrust, he’s balls deep. He continues to hold my head down and Kara is moaning loudly. My eyes begin to water; the mascara is starting to run down my face. Sir has always enjoyed being rough, but tonight he is completely unhinged. He’s like an addict getting a fix after weeks of withdrawal. My cunt starts to clench. He spanks my ass. “Don’t you dare cum yet, cunt!” Harder and faster, he is ravishing me. His cock starts to pulsate so I know he’s about to release his seed inside me. “Cum for me, cunt! Cum now!” We cum together and he stays inside me for a few minutes. My tongue is still inside Kara’s cunt until she cums on me.

Kara is staring at Sir and licking her lips. Sir sees her desire. He pins her to the bed and begins to fuck her. I’m forced to watch and I am filled with jealousy. I thought I was Sir’s one and only little slut. Why does she get a turn? They’re both moaning and groaning while I’m huffing and puffing. The jealousy is so apparent, you could see the heat coming off of me. They finish fucking and Sir looks at me. “Why are you pouting? Come here and lick my cock clean.” I stomp over to the bed and suck his cock. I’m still jealous that I just watched him fuck the bar slut. Sir pushes my head down further and I start to gag. “Mm slut. Show me that you love my cock. Show me that you’ll do anything for my cock.” Sir is fucking my mouth.

Sir pushes me onto the bed and I’m flat on my back. Kara positions herself over my face again, but this time is a bit different. She bends over so her face is now between my legs. She wants to 69. Kara’s tongue is teasing my clit while she tries to see how many fingers she can fit into my cunt. 1, 2, mm 3, ah 4. It’s painful indeed. She finger fucks me with 4 fingers. My mouth is on her clit as I use two fingers inside her cunt. From the corner of my eye, I see Sir grab his phone and take a video. I hear Sir say, “Proof that my little slut likes cunt too.” Kara squirts all over my face and it stings my eyes. Sir laughs at me as I try to wipe my face.

Kara looks at the clock; it’s 4am. “Oh no! My boyfriend and girlfriend will be wondering where I am. I better go.”

Sir offers her a ride home, but she said she’ll take an Uber. “This was fun!” She’s eying my naked body before she turns to look at Sir. “Maybe you’ll let me use her again?” I shake my head, but Sir says, “Sure! Anytime!” Kara walks over to me and writes her number on my write breast. “Now, you’ll know how to reach me when you decide to share her for a night.” She puts her red dress back on then gives my cunt one final lick before she heads out.

Sir gets back into bed and shows me the video. “Now that I know you like cunt, I can loan you out to more women.” Bright red, I bury my face into his chest. Sir pats my head. “Now, now, little slut. No matter who I loan you out to, you’re still mine.”





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  1. Now being owned like that is very intense for anyone. There has to be a level of trust to earned to give him that much control. A lot of people think it is easy lend out a submissive, no it is not because there has to be a vetting process to make sure that you have the right mindset and you submissive is safe. There are a lot of weird people that don’t always respect the gift. I the story being played with sounds amazing and it truly is a sight to see.

    Seeing a woman pull out a plug while in a club and suck on it is a sight be seen then asked to put it back it was a huge pleasure as well but there was a respect I had for her Mistress once she took me back to her VIP area. Come to find out that she did that once a month and it was funny all the men wanted more and was very disrespectful about the whole act. ” You are the second person to know when to stop and think about the act requested and wasn’t creepy or disrespectful about it. Either your a sub or a Dominate.” The Mistress said to me. “Master Logan” as I extended my hand in greeting her. “Master?! Well I’ll be damned, you must be in town on business with your suit and all. You looking to be with my sub tonight?” I shock my head no. ” She is not a rope bunny, don’t get me wrong she is beautiful but I don’t get the vibe of that from her.” The Mistress nodded and acknowledged that I was correct. She understood that my kink was not going to be met. So pushing the issue was not up for discussion. So we ended up having drinks and learned a lot about what kind of program/relationship they had. All and all learning to respect and trusting your Dominate is the point is what I was trying to make as I went off in my own personal story.

    1. The bedroom scene had been marinating in my mind this whole week. Being “loaned” or “shared” is something that’s been brought up in the past. For the most part, it most likely won’t happen, but it’s fun to put into writing haha.

      1. That is very true. But there people who live the slave life and welcome all the challenges that brings it.
        Being shared seems like some doesn’t care but they really do and care for what their needs are. Some people really need to give up full control to be happy.

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