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Sex Toy Sunday – Ben Wa Balls

I have a duffel bag full of sex toys and other supplies such as lube and toy cleaner. Before my Dom, my collection was rather basic. I owned several vibrators and a dildo (the dildo really sucks).

When my Dom and I first started playing, I didn’t own any Ben Wa Balls so he told me I should get some. I went to the sex shop and bought LELO Luna Beads Noir.

This isn’t my first product from LELO. I’ve had the LELO Mona II for a few years now. Their products are Certified Body-Safe. They use high grade materials to ensure that they can be sanitized easily.

The Luna Beads are made of Silicone and ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic. The beads themselves are made from ABS plastic and the harness is made from silicone. I suppose you could do without the harness, but you may be fishing around your vagina trying to find the lost ball without the string to pull it out.

They come with a satin pouch, warranty card, and a sample of lube. I’ve never used LELO’s lube before so I can’t comment on the quality of it.

The LELO Luna Beads Noir retail at $44.90 USD plus tax.

When you insert them, they should stay in. I use a water based lube most of the time. Sometimes, my Dom tells me to use a more stimulating lube so in those instances, I use an oil based lube.

Favorite water based lube at the moment.
The oil based lube that I use sparingly

I’ll write a review on the different lubes another time.

The first time my Dom had me wear the balls, he ordered me to do sit-ups then squats. The balls fell out while doing squats so the next day, he ordered me to wear them to work. I can’t believe this was all before Christmas.

My Dom has ordered to wear them on numerous occasions. By the time I pull them out, they’re soaking wet each time.

Wearing them is discrete, but also very arousing. You will feel them move around a bit which sends vibrations through your core. If you’re moving around more, you may even start to squirm a bit. My Dom likes to make me squirm.

The one thing I wish they did was actually vibrate. It’d be great if they were battery operated and allowed for partner play. I’d love to have my Dom controlling me that way.

Yours Truly,

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  1. That lube looks like a good option

    1. It’s great for vaginal penetration. For anal play, something that lasts a bit thicker is ideal. JO also has a water based lube for anal. I believe it’s called H2O Anal. It has all the same benefits as the regular H2O line but has the viscosity that isn’t present in the regular products. Their organic line is also pretty good. I choose to stay away from silicone based lubes as they can deteriorate toys more easily.

      1. Yeah I don’t like silicone lube myself either

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