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Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s Friday again. That’s means it’s time for another Fantasy Friday. However, this Friday is a special one. It’s Valentine’s Day and it’s also two months since I became my Dom’s sub so today is deserving of a special post.

It’s Valentine’s Day! I have something special planned for my Dom, R.U. Smith, tonight.

Sir is on his way out for work. “Oh yes, I invited the boys over for dinner tonight.”

“But Sir, it’s Valentine’s Day!”

“And? The boys are all single so I decided to share you with them tonight.”

“But Sir, I was going to give you something special tonight.”

“You’re a smart girl. I’m sure you’ll figure it out.”

Sir walks out the door. I start scrambling around. “What do I do? What do I do?” Tonight, my friends were going to help me prepare sushi and sashimi. I wanted to surprise R with a night of nyotaimori. I was going to lie on a table naked while my friends arranged the sushi and sashimi along my body.

I’m trying to come up with a plan. I don’t want to be shared tonight. I was hoping I could just be Sir’s tonight. “Hmm…Ed Butt, A. Ho, S. Lutz, and K. Ink. That’s four of them. I think I know what to do.”

Yuki, Ichika, Yua, and Hina were going to help me cook and set up for tonight. Maybe I can convince them to do something more tonight.

I call Yuki hoping she’ll agree. If she agrees then the other three will as well.

“Moshi moshi.”

“Yuki-chan! Mr. Smith invited his friends over as well tonight.”

“Honto?! I thought we were preparing for nyotaimori.”

“So desu ne.”

“I thought Mr. Smith would want you to himself tonight.”

“Yuki-chan, can you do me a favor? Would you have sex with one of his friends tonight and convince the other girls to do so as well? I’ll be the only one who has to be naked in front of all of them.”

“Hmm. Well, Mr. Lutz is pretty gorgeous. Do you think his friends would be okay with it?”

“Of course! They’d each get undivided attention from a girl. But do you think Ichika, Yua, and Hina will be willing to do so?”

“Why wouldn’t they? They like rich men. But S, you owe me one.”

“I know. I know. Thank you, Yuki-chan. You’re the best.”

I start cleaning the house and preparing the spare rooms for the night. Clean sheets on each bed. Rooms fully stocked with things that they might need.

The girls arrive and we begin to prepare the sushi and sashimi. It’s all prepared and we begin setting the table. The girls help me get ready.

“S, what do we do when the nyotaimori is happening?”

“Ah! Hina-chan, you can mingle with the guys. Is it awkward for you girls to also eat the food that’s on my body?”

“Uh no. We’ve all set up nyotaimori before and we’ve all been naked sushi models once before.”

I strip completely naked and the girls disinfect my body. My body is also chilled so the raw fish doesn’t spoil. I lie down on the table and the girls begin arranging the pieces of sushi and sashimi all over my body. The only thing covered by a small banana leaf is my cunt. A piece of sushi on each of my breasts. Once those are eaten, my boobs will be completely exposed. The girls finish the arrangement as Sir walks in. His buddies walk through the door after him.

Sir is calling out for me, but I’m afraid I can’t move. Yua and Ichika go to greet the guys. Yuki stays with me and Hina guides Sir over to see me.

“Oh! I didn’t know my little slut invited friends over today.”

“Hi Mr. Smith. S is waiting for you in the dining room. She’s a little occupied at the moment, but she has a surprise for you.”

“Oh okay, then. Lead the way Hina.”

Sir follows Hina into the dining room. Sir stops dead in his tracks and he begins eying me. I can see the look in his eye. He’s hungry and he’s planning to devour me. “Happy Valentine’s Day, Sir!”

“Oh wow!” Sir approaches me and inspects my body. “My little slut, this is definitely something.” His fingers begin tracing the exposed skin on my body.

Sir calls out to his friends to tell them to join and eat. Yuki serves sake to everyone before she starts to flirt with S. Lutz. He’s loving the attention.

Sir goes for the first piece of sushi and decides to expose the breast closest to him. He sees my face turn a shade of pink and he smirks knowing I’m embarrassed that all of his friends and the girls are eating off my naked body.

One by one the pieces of sushi and sashimi are eating. Then I am left with nothing to cover me except the little banana leaf. Sir’s friends are full, drunk, and content with the other girls. The girls are a little too giddy to finally have sex with rich men. They take Sir’s friends into the spare rooms. Then I’m left naked on the table alone with Sir.

“You can clean this up tomorrow. Now, go upstairs and get in the shower. I don’t want you to smell like fish all night long.”

“Yes, Sir.” I run up the stairs and get into the shower. A couple minutes pass and I see him staring at me as the water drips down my skin. When I get out of the shower, he inspects my body again. I blush in embarrassment because I’m completely naked and he’s fully clothed. Sir dries me off. He pays attention to every crevice on my body. His fingers find their way into my cunt. I let out a moan and he smacks my ass and tells me to shush. His fingers are wet and he shoves them into my mouth. “This is your dinner, you little slut.”

Sir pushes me out of the bathroom and into the bedroom. He leads me to a full length window then pushes me against it. I can see Hina and Ed doing things in the hot tub. Sir takes me from behind. His cock enters my cunt. Hina and Ed decide to look up and see me being fucked like an animal in the windowsill. I’m red from the embarrassment of someone watching me being fucked. “Sir, they can see us. Can we go somewhere else.”

“No! I know that you enjoy exhibition so we will continue right here. Look your cunt is getting even wetter.”

Sir continues to fuck my cunt until he cums inside me. Sir then leads me to the bed and makes me get onto all fours. He grabs my hips and enters my ass hole. It hurts and I scream and there’s a bit of a cry. Sir continues to pound into me not caring about my discomfort. Then he cums again.

It goes on for a few more hours. Sir fucks me primally over and over again. When the night is over, Sir pulls me close to him. He kisses my head and cuddles with me. “Thank you for tonight, my little Jap porn slut.” He’s letting me stay in his bed tonight. “Happy Valentine’s Day, Sir.”

“Happy Valentine’s Day, my little slut.”





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  1. If only I wasn’t allergic to shellfish. I have seen a couple of videos of the process of preparing a woman for this is quite extraordinary. I wonder if there is an Americanized nyotaimori like with ribs and chicken? If you on a budget chicken nuggets and fries…

    Not to take away from the beauty of the art of it, because it is art, a woman laying there to be feasted upon by others. To be still and just be as beautiful if not more beautiful than the food. An art piece with delectable bite sized food(that would kill me as I blow up like “Hitch”).

    I couldn’t help but laugh at all the names of the men very well played. Mr. Lutz is a real name and then you put an S dot, know you have a play on words that most would not realize until they really think about it. An amazing post.

    1. Sashimi isn’t just shellfish. It’s raw meat in general. Most Japanese eat raw salmon, tuna, mackerel, yellowtail, squid and even octopus. There’s even such thing as beef and chicken sashimi (not sure how I feel about that).

      I feel like you can’t make ribs and chicken nuggets look erotic haha. I can just imagine a girl covered in BBQ sauce, which may very well appeal to some people’s kinks.

      So far the only other person who has caught what I did with the names is my Dom haha. But thank you for reading and I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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