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Lost In Japan

It’s Friday again! Here’s another fantasy to get your panties wet.

* Note: Nothing in this post is real. It is all fictional. Also, you will not see any the phrase, “my Dom” in this post. However, “gaijin” or “gaijin man” will refer to him as by now you should know, I’m Asian, but I don’t go for Asian men.

I swore I would never come back to Japan. The last time was a rough experience. To be Japanese and still be a foreigner, it’s a bit rough. How did I let my boss talk me into coming here to settle someone else’s affairs? I’m not even fluent; I’ll surely get lost over here.

I just finished up with the bank. Looks like I’ll be here for a few more days. I can’t cook at the hotel so I guess I’ll be looking for something to eat for dinner tonight.

I wander around Shinjuku. It’s got to be the busiest part of Tokyo. I’ve been wandering around aimlessly like an idiot tourist. “Oh shit! How did I manage to wander into the heart of Kabukicho?” (Kabukicho is in Tokyo. It’s the largest Red Light District in Asia).

I feel a bit awkward walking around here and it feels like I need to cover up a bit. I don’t want to blend in with sex workers. “Damn! I forgot my jacket back in the hotel room.” I’ve been wandering around in a little red dress. It exposes a lot of skin. Japan is not like the states and I forget that modesty is necessary as I have mon all over my body to show my ancestral roots. They make me look like I may be part of the yakuza.

I hear some men whistling behind me so I begin to pick up my pace. They are following me. There must be 3 or 4 of them. They’re speaking Japanese amongst each other. I can’t hear what they’re saying.

“Yariman!” One man yelled. Did he just call me slut?

“Kocchi kite, yariman!” (Come here, slut!)

I start to run, but it’s hard to run quickly in heels. They follow pursuit until one man catches me.

“Please let me go! Nihongo wo hanashimasen! Amerikajin desu.” (I don’t speak Japanese! I’m American.)

“Ah even better then.” One man says in a thick accent. “You’re not one of ours so what do we care about what happens to you.”

Then men are all dressed in suits. I could tell they are oyabun (yakuza leaders). They lead me into a kyabakura. (Kyabakura is like a hostess club). From the looks of it, this one is more of a sekukyaba. (Sexy cabaret where sexual fondling is allowed).

I’m led to a booth where I see a gaijin man. If he doesn’t speak Japanese, then how did he get in. Then I see how, he seems to have a Japanese associate with him. “Suware!” yelled one of the oyabun. I sit next to the gaijin man and the oyabun leave.

The gaijin looks like a business man. He’s in a fancy suit. He looks rather suave like that. The gaijin man begins to look me up and down. I’m uncomfortable and I try to leave, but the gaijin man grabs me. He starts kissing my neck and fondling my breasts.

“Please Sir. Please stop. I’m a good girl. I don’t do things like this.”

His hot breath is on my skin. His kisses move up my neck to my ear. Then he whispers, “Not tonight, cunt!”

He grabs me and pulls me to my feet and forces me toward the door. He hands one of the oyabun a lot of yen and said, “Let me take this one off your hands.” The oyabun accepts the money and nods his head in approval. I don’t work for the sekukyaba so I guess this is a “loophole” to the anti prostitution law.

The gaijin man leads me to a rabuho (love hotel). He pays for a room and pushes me into the suite. He rips off my dress. I try to cover up; I really wish I wore a bra and panties today. I’m completely bare and he grabs my arms so I can no longer hide my body from him.

The gaijin backs me toward the bed then pushes me onto my back before pinning me down. He restrains my arms above my head and touches my cunt. “Mm see, I knew that you’d like this. You’re soaking wet!”

He puts my legs on his shoulders then enters my cunt. I yelp from his size. I’m screaming as he pounds into me. The louder my screams, the harder and faster he thrusts into me. He cums inside me.

He pulls out and flips me over. He spanks my ass and I shriek. “Please Sir. Please stop. You’re hurting me.”

“I know you enjoy this. You are aroused when you get to please a man.”

He pulls my hips so my ass is in the air. He pushes my face into the bed as he grips onto my hair. He thrusts his large hard cock into my ass hole. My tears are wetting the bed. He’s raping my ass hole. Helpless and I can’t fight him off me. I’m screaming, but the bed muffles the noise. I don’t know if I’ll be able to walk after this. He cums for a second time tonight.

He pulls out of me, but puts his body weight on me so I can’t move and I can’t leave. As I cry, I manage to make out the words, “Please Sir. Please let me go.”

“No! I paid for you so now you’re mine!”

“But I have to leave. I’ll have to catch a flight in a couple days.”

“No! I said I paid for you and you’re mine! You aren’t returning to your home, I’m taking you to mine.”

“But I have a job.”

“No! You are my rape toy. You’re only job is to please me.”

I sob harder. “I want to home.”

“Oh cheer up, cunt! I know servicing my cock arouses you. Look, your cunt is soaking again.”

The next morning, his flight is leaving. It’s all so real now that he’s dragging on board kicking and screaming.





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