Soaked Sheets

I am a sexual being. I like sex even if it’s a bit uncomfortable at times. Yet, I have yet to have sex in my own bed. I live in a conservative household and many people think I’m still a virgin. I have to keep it that way to avoid being disowned.

Even though I haven’t had sex in my own bed, my room still smells like sex quite often. I also need to wash my sheets this weekend because there is now dried up cum on them.

My bed is where wet dreams happen. My bed is where I tend to play with my Dom. I have wet dreams more often now. It’s probably because my Dom is really yummy and I dream about the things he’d do to me. Many mornings, I’m soaked and my sheets are damp.

Playtimes are usually on the weekend, but last night, we got to play. I had been more horny than usual. Sir said it was because I dressed more slutty yesterday and showed off my body to strangers.

Sir made me watch a porno where the girl was used and humiliated while I had my WeVibe in. She had no say in the matter. I showed Sir my cunt after watching the porno. I was wet and had some cum on my WeVibe. Sir had me imagine myself being used like the girl. It’s arousing to think of being forced to do humiliating things to please a man.

FYI…this does not give just anyone permission to rape me. At the moment, the only one who I’d let use me however he wants is my Dom. He owns my body, mind and soul. I’m his to use, his to play with, his to control.

Yours Truly,

The Sassy Sub Daily

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