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He Takes Care of Me

BDSM. Dominant. Submissive. When you hear these terms, you probably think of 50 Shades…that’s if you’re not into the lifestyle. You’re probably imagining a man choking a girl and beating her until she has welts and is a shade of black and blue. You’re probably thinking of whips and chains and everything in between.

You’re probably also thinking that a submissive is a pushover. You’re imagining this girl who lets people, especially men, walk all over her. Maybe, you think she’s rather weak and can’t fight her own battles. You see her as this damsel in distress who can’t do things for herself.

You’re probably thinking that a Dominant is a slave driver. You may think of them as relentless in their torture of others. Maybe, he’s the figure of your nightmare. You see him as some sort of a monster or a beast. You think he’s sick in the head and just can’t imagine why someone would willingly be with him.

This may be what the media portrays BDSM as, but it’s not like that. Yes, I’ll debase myself to please my Dom, but it’s not something he’s forced on me.

Another body writing task that my Dom had me do.

Many people will see this as one sided. They’ll see this as him taking. That he’s the only one getting pleasure out of this relationship. But I get more out of this relationship than someone on the outside would realize.

He takes care of me. Other people won’t get it because they don’t see the private moments. They won’t see his ability to reel me in amongst the chaos of my storm. People don’t see what goes on in my head and how I tend to overthink things or how he can make me see things more rationally. Maybe 20% is play, but the rest of it is conversing and laughing.

Educators are mandated reporters, in the state of California, at least. I, on the other hand, have to keep my mouth shut pursuant to the law no matter what state I work in. Sometimes, things don’t match well with my moral compass and it causes a lot of stress. That’s one thing that I do have to keep to myself.

My Dom does take care of me so when I feel like I’m being a nut about other things, he gives me that bit of reassurance. With things that haunt me from my past, he is a listening ear. When my days are rough, he manages to make me feel better. I tell him that I have the best Dom ever. He laughs about it, but it really is true.

Yours Truly,

The Sassy Sub Daily

sass c.

i'm just your average girl with a dirty mind. young, asian and submissive...does that pique your interest? constantly in a battle with myself whether to stay confined by my cultural values or to break free like the freak i am.

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