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It’s Friday! I present to you the second edition of Fantasy Friday.

It’s Friday night. Sir just got home from work. He’s had a long stressful week. That usually means he’ll be using me even more so.

Sir throws me a slutty red dress and tells me to get ready. It’s silky, shiny, strapless, short, and form fitting. “No bra or panties tonight. Understand me, slut?”

“Yes Sir, I understand. No bra and no panties.”

“One more thing! Don’t go overboard on the makeup! Keep it simple, cute, innocent, and sweet, but make sure you wear red lipstick.”

“Yes Sir.” Sir leaves me to get ready.

He comes back and looks me up and down then shoves Ben Wa Balls into my cunt. He puts a collar and leash on me and leads me to his car. An hour later, we end up at the Palms. Sir walks me inside and I’m paraded around as his little whore. We get to the check-in counter and he tells the worker, “Reservation for R. U. Smith, please .” While waiting to be checked in, Sir reaches his hand up the bottom of my dress and begins teasing my clit. A little moan comes out of my mouth. Sir grins mischievously and the worker hands him the room key. We walk to the room and I see that Sir has booked the Empathy Suite.

I wonder why we’re here. Certainly Sir would not waste money just to play with me. My eyes wander as I take the view in. This suite was surely made for kings and queens.

Sir grabs me and pushes me toward the bed. He grabs my dress and pulls it off. Completely naked before him. He licks his lips then pushes me onto the bed. Sir runs his fingers through my slit. “Mm, already wet for me.” He shoves his fingers in my mouth saying, “Taste yourself, cunt!” I suck his fingers until they are clean.

“I plan to use your holes before the events of the night.” He flips me so my ass is in the air. Sir grabs my hips and spanks me and removes the balls from me. He unbuttons his pants and unzips his fly. He removes his pants and boxers before proceeding to fuck me violently. First my cunt, then my ass. He’s released his seed in me, marking me as his toy.

Sir freshens up then pulls out a rope and begins binding me. Tied to the bed, completely restrained, he walks away and leaves me there. Naked and bound on these Egyptian cotton sheets as his cum is dripping out me. They feel soft and silky against my body.

He returns with a glass in his hand and a devilish grin on his face. There’s a knock on the door. Sir leads another man in. “Pay up, Edward!” It’s his best friend…Ed Butt. He’s a rich mother fucker.

There’s another knock on the door. Sir let’s another man in. He’s a CEO of a multimillion dollar company. I only recognize him from pictures, but it appears to be Mr. A. Ho as in Aaron Ho. Sir holds his hand out waiting for a wad of cash.

In walks another man, dressed to the nines. He looks like he could be on the cover of Gentlemen’s Quarterly. His name is Steven Lutz. He signs his name as S. Lutz.

Lastly, a tall young man walks in. I recognize him from a dinner Sir took me to. It’s Mr. K. Ink. The one and only Kai Ink.

The men are staring at me as I’m helping bound to the bed. It seems as though, they had all paid Sir to let them use his slutty sub. “Welcome friends! I present to you my little Japanese porn slut! She’s yours for the night. Just be sure to wear a condom. I don’t want you tainting what’s rightfully mine.”

Sir turns and looks at me. “Well slut, show us your cunt!” I’m embarrassed that all these men are seeing me naked. I don’t comply at first. Sir walks over to me and grabs my face. “I said to show us your cunt!” His fingers reach under me to pinch my clit as a warning. I squirm and shriek from the sensation.

Restrained and nearly immobile, I maneuver carefully and managed to spread my legs. “Very good, my little slut.”

My naked body on display for the men to look at and use. Sir steps out of the room. Fucked multiple times by the four guys. Thankfully, they’re not allowed to cum inside me. Used and abused in different rooms of the suite. I’m just a piece of fuckmeat.

They’re not at all discreet as they’re all recording me on their phones. Manhandled and shared by multiple men. Multiple holes fucked at the same time.

A few hour pass and Sir walks in. It’s now 2:00 a.m. “Okay boys, you’ve had your fun, but now it’s time for you to leave. The slut is mine and now she needs time to please me.”

The men leave and I’m a bit relieved. Sir unties my bound hands and tells to shower and wash his friends filth off me. Once I am clean, he takes me to the bed. He lays down and tells me to suck him.





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