When It Becomes Ordinary

About a year ago, I downloaded an app called Chapters. There are a bunch of interactive stories (it costs money to play). There’s a section of the app called Taptales. These are stories written by other app users.

One of my favorite Taptales authors is Zavi James. She has several stories, but my favorite is Of Gods and Monsters. Apparently, Zavi is some sort of brilliant scientist or something and she writes stories on the side.

In Of Gods and Monsters, there is a girl named Quentin, who is actually a young scientist. She is highly successful. The lab she works for is studying the gods. She was assigned to Grayson who is the god of chaos and destruction. Quentin was a logical person and did not believe in the gods. Grayson wanted no part of the study, but his brother/King, Hunter forced him to participate. Grayson decided to try to make Quentin’s life miserable for fun and demanded that she’d be his host.

There was someone else who worked at the lab who had a crush on Quentin. His name was Matthew Holden so he decided to move into her place while Grayson was there.

Sexual tension between Quentin and Grayson grew until one day, they decided to get it out of their system. A one time thing turned into a steamy affair. They couldn’t stay away from each other. At the time neither of them knew that Quentin was really a demigod and that they were actually soul bound.

Quentin tried to date Matthew, but she kept thinking about Grayson. To be apart from your soul bound was painful. It was like losing a part of yourself. Soul bounds were rare, but when it happened, it meant there would never be anyone else for you and nothing would work out with anyone else no matter how hard you tried.

With Matthew, things were vanilla. With Grayson, things were hot and heavy, yet he took tender care of Quentin.

Anyway, my Dom reminds me of Gray sometimes haha. The strong dominant personality. Doesn’t seem to have a problem getting a girl haha. Able to tame the one girl who won’t lie down and play dead haha.

It also reminds me of BDSM in a way. If you’re into it, once you’ve experienced it, ordinary just seems so mundane. It’s similar to something Melody Lee posted on Instagram.

Once you’ve tasted the kiss of a wolf and felt the hot breath of a beast, you can’t go back to ordinary. Tame no longer has an appeal.

Melody Lee (@melodyleepoetry)

The guy that I’ve been seeing mentioned something about dating last night. I thought this was just sex, but I guess I was wrong. I just wish that he would dominate me in bed. I want him to take control and manhandle me. Ordinary sex is what it is…just ordinary.

I guess having a good Dom has set my expectations a bit higher haha. My Dom tells me how to touch myself. I give him control. I surrender. However, in the case of sex with most men, I’m still in control. I own several toys. I have a collar, clamps, and vibes galore. That should tell you that I’ve never been one for the ordinary. Vanilla sex is fine if I haven’t had sex in a while, but if it’s ongoing, I need the kinks. They’re quite addicting.

Yours Truly,

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  1. Addicting is putting it lightly. Borderline obsession with kinks and there are so many that people are into.

    1. Maybe I’m borderline obsessed with bondage. Though, it’s been a while since I’ve found a partner willing to tie me up in bed. I’m rather fascinated with hishi karadas. Somehow, most of fantasies involve being restrained whether it’s with ropes, cuffs, or just his bare hands is a common theme haha.

      1. I am obsessed and in need of a rope bunny. But work doesn’t permit it.

        1. So many obstacles that get in the way. With my Dom, it’s distance. With someone else I had been talking to, it was the fact that they worked nights and weekends and I worked on weekdays. Then there’s the fact that not everyone shares the same kinks.

          1. It is always something. Had rope bunny but she didn’t appetite the time it took saying it to long and felt like a waste of time. Yes you could fast rope it but I want to take my time to make sure it looks and feel terribly perfect in all the right places giving the conflicted of pleasure and pain rolled all into one.

            1. When it comes to real life play, shouldn’t you have more time carved out for that? Even if I’m going to just have vanilla sex, it’s not like I do it when I only have a couple hours; I’ll make sure I have all night at the very least. I’d rather savor the moment than have things be rushed. To savor it just seems all the more sensual.

            2. I wish I could take a month off work to just play. To have whole month planned out to achieve a goal? I am getting high just thinking about it. With some travel in between.

            3. I was hoping to win the lottery yesterday so I could take an extended vacation then start my own business. Then, I wouldn’t be such a slave to my own desk.

            4. I feel like I am chained and I wish I chaining a sub walking her around a beautiful compound.

            5. I saw the word “chained” and instantly a song started playing in my head haha.

              “I feel chained,
              Chained down,
              You shove me to the ground,
              I can’t run,
              I can’t shout
              Just let me out
              You seem heartless
              This couldnt mean less
              Put up shit it your face
              I’m only human
              And I’ve got something to say
              Let me rise
              Let me fall
              Let me breathe
              I want to lose control
              I’m not afraid to lose it all
              Let me break
              Let me crawl
              ‘Cause ill get back up again if you let me fall”
              Let Me Fall – Alexz Johnson

            6. I like it I will give the whole song my uninvited attention when I can.

            7. It almost sounds like a cry from a sub’s perspective haha. The second verse sounds like she’s a masochist and addicted to pain. I never realized that until today haha

            8. Sounds like a dream for me…me being a sadist.

            9. Tomorrow’s post is for Fantasy Friday…probably won’t appeal so much to you as a sadist. It doesn’t involve pain…just humiliation and I guess exhibitionism/voyeurism.

            10. Oh I am not just one sided please believe I am all around person. Mixing and Matching (keyword: Matching) I take my time to customize a plan for each sub or slave i do take on. I like a lot of everything so I if I am not getting one kink I am getting another.

            11. What if a sub’s kink is like scat or necrophilia? Would you still craft a plan for that? If that’s what a Dom was into, I’d be running for the hills hahaha.

            12. A lot not all…and I don’t play like that then I would recommend them to others I do know.

            13. I see. I could never recommend anyone as I don’t know anyone into kinks in real life. I only know people online haha. Most of them are probably in other countries.

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