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今夜は一緒にいたい (I Want to Stay With You Tonight)

I am Japanese and when men hear this, sometimes, it causes a bit of a reaction. Being a Japanese girl is often times associated with the Japanese pornos. I had never watched a Japanese porno before last week. Porn isn’t really my thing. I didn’t quite know what men were expecting.

I guess I meet some of the criteria. I’m Japanese. I’m submissive. I’m young. And in bed, I have a high pitched shriek that comes out if there’s a lot of pain. I also know some of the naughty lingo in Japanese. However, I think the biggest one is that I have a really tight cunt.

I think the fact that I’m not attracted to Asian men makes me fit the stereotype even more. I’m such a cliche. I like gaijin. I especially like older white men. I’m not the kind of girl who can deal with passive or weak men. With passive men, I’m more likely to tell you to shove it and get out of my face. I like strong men. I like to see manliness. And in order for me to submit, it requires a bit of machismo on the man’s part.

I’ve been told that I look like a porcelain Japanese doll. I really didn’t understand that one because I don’t think I do haha. I have double eyelids. I have fair skin, but it’s not nearly as fair as the girls in Japan. I don’t look like one of those anime characters. I’ve also been called someone’s “Japanese geisha girl.” I rolled my eyes at that one.

This weekend was a first for me. I was actually asked to speak in Japanese while having sex. When I speak in Japanese, the tone of my voice also changes. I’m more timid with Japanese because it’s not my first language and I’m not all that confident with it. My voice gets a bit softer, more high pitched and you can actually hear the shyness when I speak. I guess that’s what men like and get excited over.

Research cited in The Social Psychology of Attraction and Romantic Relationships has shown that men tend to associate a higher pitched voice with attractiveness in women and women tend to associate a lower pitched voice with attractiveness in men. A higher pitched voice in women indicate youth. A lower pitched voice in men indicate more dominance.

What I noticed from the one Japanese porno I saw was that the girls had higher pitched voices. These girls stated that they are playing the part. In Japanese pornos, the girls are dressed and made up to look younger. The high pitched voices just adds to the image they are going for.

I wrote that poem specifically with my Dom in mind. I had the image in my head after sharing phrases he could use with a Japanese girl in bed. I’m not fluent in Japanese, but I could find my way around Japan.

Here’s a short little lesson on getting down and dirty in Japanese.

So you’re probably wondering how to even say sex in Japanese. セックスする (Sekkusu suru) means having sex. Suru is the dictionary for of します (shimasu) which means do. There are many forms when it comes to verbs.

Formal verb forms:ます (masu) – present affirmative; ません (masen) – present negative; ました (mashita) – past affirmative; and ませんでした (masendeshita) – past negative.

Plain verb forms: plain root or dictionary form ends in the oo sound (example いくor iku instead of ikimasu) which would be used for the present affirmative; ない (nai) – present negative; た (ta) – past affirmative; なかった (nakatta) – past negative.

There are additional forms of verbs if you plan on combining sentences, using verbs in a passive way, for causative actions, etc., but I won’t go into that. But I will tell you that if you are stating you want to do something, you’d use たい (tai) and using か (ka) at the end of a sentence is to ask a question. If you were to ask, セックスしたいですか?(sekkusu shitai desu ka?), you’d be asking, “Do you want to have sex?”

Here are some words referring to body parts:

  • おちんちん (ochinchin) – penis, but it’s like a more formal version and the least offensive; ちんちん (chinchin) – penis, a little less formal; ちんこ (chinko) or ちんぽ (chinpo) – penis, but more vulgar
  • まんこ (manko) – vagina or pussy
  • けつ (ketsu) – ass
  • おっぱい (oppai) – boobs

Now here are some phrases/expressions:

  • おおきい (Ookii!!!) – It’s big!
  • なめてほしい (Namete hoshii!) – Lick it or suck it
  • いれてほしい (Irete hoshii!) – I want it now!
  • きもちいい (Kimochi ii) – It feels good
  • ぬれてる (Nureteru!) – You’re so wet!
  • やばい (Yabai!) – It feels amazing!
  • がまんして (Gaman shite!) – Don’t cum yet!
  • いく (Iku!) – I’m cumming!

Now, you’re probably wondering what the title of this blog means. Well, 今夜は一緒にいたい or Konya wa issho ni itai means, “I want to stay with you tonight.”

There are more things, but I did say it would only be a short lesson.

Yours Truly,

The Sassy Sub Daily

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i'm just your average girl with a dirty mind. young, asian and submissive...does that pique your interest? constantly in a battle with myself whether to stay confined by my cultural values or to break free like the freak i am.

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  1. I learn a substantially amount of information. ありがとうございました

    1. どういたしまして。By the way, ありがとうございました is very formal. It would be used to addressed Senpai (someone older with more authority) or for more formal situations. -ました also indicates it’s for something that was past tense. Someone might use it to say thank you to their teacher at the end of a school day. For more informal situations, it would be okay to say どうも (Dōmo). Say if you had a sub from Japan and you wanted to say thanks, you could use dōmo since the sub is of “lesser status.”

      1. I am still learning. It is very new to me.

        1. No worries. I’m not fluent and I’m Japanese haha. I also studied Japanese for several years and I still feel like I’m drowning. I’ve found learning German has been a bit easier for me.

          1. I am in the process of learning French. It is more getting back to some old roots of mines.

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