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A theory on romantic relationships which might help

Masculine and feminine polarity

Romantic relationships work better if the masculine and feminine polarities are in balance.
Eg an extremely feminine lady (receptive) will be best matched with an extremely masculine (assertive) man.
A balanced man (both masculine and feminine) is best matched with a balanced female.

The law of friendships is that like attracts like

A romantic match is best when 2 people have opposite sexual polarities and ALIKE value systems, past times, goals etc. This ensures that the couple have sexual chemistry and a basis for an enduring friendship.
Guys, if you like girly girls that are hard working with good values, you are going to have to be manly men that are hard working with good values.
Girls, if you like manly men who can take care of their stuff. It would help for you to be a girly girl who can take care of her stuff.

The Magic Of Making Up

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Girl Not Responding To Text

It's an empty feeling. You have the number for a girl you're interested in. You text her. Hours and maybe even days go by with no response. Somehow you feel something went wrong. Maybe you have the wrong number. Maybe she doesn't remember who you are. Maybe she just simply missed your text. Was it something I said? Any of these scenarios are possible and most are salvageable.

If the girl doesn't text back, it doesn't mean she's not interested. It usually means that the text you sent her either didn't warrant a response, came off as too needy or was lost in a sea of other text from her friends or other interests. In that case, you need to up your game.

All you have to do is send her the right kind of text - a text that will stimulate an emotion and make a connection between the two of you.

A good example of this kind of text and something that has worked for me would be something like:

"Just walked into an H&M full of wannabe hipsters. Totally biting your style. No man-purses though."

This text just screams to be replied to. That's because I know a little bit about the girl and I'm using that to spark an emotion. She likes to shop at H&M (connection). Calling her a hipster makes her feel either cool or lame (emotion). No man purses strikes the funny bone just from mentioning the word man-purse. Chances are this text will be responded to. In fact, it will most likely garner a positive or funny response - and everybody knows that if you can make a girl laugh, you can definitely get far with her pretty quick.

Don't stop now. Keep it going.

Aim to keep her interested but don't overdo it. The last thing you want is to become her texting buddy. Being her texting buddy is probably worse than her not responding to your initial message at all. As long as you're on her radar, you don't have to keep sending messages throughout the day. Send her a message once in a while. Always make sure your messages spark some kind of emotion and make a connection between the both of you and you'll have a much better chance at going somewhere with her. Think about her interests and what you think makes her tick and create your text messages based on that for the best possible chance at a positive response.

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HowTo Survive A Long Distance Relationship

Let's admit it. Long distance relationships are removed from easy. It is a sacrifice. You've to have the ability to transcend the loneliness brought on by the distance and the paranioa brought on by realizing he's to date away. And you should bear with the issues that compose lengthy distance relationships. After you have decided to get into it, and decided to never let go of each other despite the gap between you and your partner, then congratulate your self because it takes a large amount of maturity to have the ability to face this "battle".

Long distance relationships are stuffed with twists and turns. It's a must to be affected person in waiting for the time while you and your associate will meet again. You'll spend most of your time missing her or him, questioning what she or he's been doing proper that very moment. Spend memorable events in your lives without him or her beside you, considering and worrying concerning the never ending "what ifs". As I have said, Lengthy distance relationships are never easy. But mind you, if both of you gets via the blocks, then it's all worth it. As soon as the second came when you will see one another again, the pains are just distant memory. However as soon as again, the pain of saying bye-bye time remains to be there.

Normally the place lovers follow long distance relationships, the sweetness of each moments being shared are amazing. A few of the people I knew that have been to lengthy distance relationships are now blissfully dwelling together. Considered one of them acquired married just some weeks from now. The girl spent her school days in Michigan, and her fianc?e is working in New Jersey. So that they solely have the possibility to be in one another's arms during events like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Spring breaks, and summer. But, have a look at them now. They're now married, working together in the same metropolis and now planning to have a baby.

There are vital elements in sustaining healthy long distance relationships: Before everything, each companions concerned in lengthy distance relationships ought to have mutual feelings to each other. That is the very basic. Because long distance relationships won't work if the 2 of you aren't drastically inlove, you'll just be fooling yourselves.

And of course, love comes together with commitment. Each of you ought to be dedicated with each other, that you may be bonded by the love you've gotten disregarding the gap between you and your accomplice and regardless of the struggles could come.

Belief and religion also comes together because the third factor and in addition the most important. Distance between one another may trigger you to worry so much. It brought unhealthy and depressing thoughts about your partner. But upon getting trust and faith, lengthy distance relationships won't ever be wasted.

Lastly, each of you should be mature enough to deal with lengthy distance relationships. Lengthy distance relationships won't work with people who are childish. It should simply drive your companion crazy.

Albeit long distance relationships are pretty much as good as desires, individuals who have gone via it have their own interesting stories to share. And most of them have succeeded the hardships of being involved in long distance relationships. It only proves that if they can do it, why cannot you? You will discover that long distance relationships are even more advantageous and exciting than the usual relationship the place you get to see your partner any time you want. Bear in mind the saying, absence makes the center go fonder? It is true indeed for individuals who become involved in long distance relationships. Just keep in mind the factors that both of you should possess, and everything will probably be all right.


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HowThe Law Of Attraction Affects Private Relationships

Your private relationships are important to your happiness. You do not need to fill your life with hate and people who carry you down. You in reality need to preserve the those that make you happiest and provde the motivation that you're on the lookout for in life. When you're severe about having a very good relationship with somebody you have to use the law of attraction to make it work.

The regulation of attraction goes to point out you the right way to have fun with these round you. When you are in search of someone to share your feeling with and to giggle and love with you wish to use the legislation of attraction to find simply the precise person. There are so many variations in individuals and typically this is not a bad thing. Whenever you are looking to make a relationship better, you have to to just be sure you are doing all the pieces to be extra motivated along with your private relationships.

Listen to your inner feelings. When you're listening to your instincts, you will really feel extra assured in the decisions that you are making. You must be confident in who you are and what you want in life. Being ready for life and all that can come your way is important. Determine what you want after which go for it. Letting the legislation of attraction allow you to be extra successful in your private life will be one solution to get to where you'll want to be.

Believe in who you're and what you do in life. There are so many issues that you can do to make sure that you're comfortable along with your relationships. If you find yourself in a nasty relationship that makes you're feeling uncomfortable, that you must take into consideration the law of attraction and what it can do for you. Being assured in what you deserve is important. It's essential remember that you're invaluable and that you just deserve the very best. Get on the market and make your life just what you need and a lot more.

Work out what you need to change if anything about your personal relationships. Is every little thing, as you need it to be? Are there problems that make it hard for you to love the individual that you're in a relationship with? Never accept anything less than what you deserve. You're the only one that is accountable for your life and the relationships that you are in. Be composed and in command of your life. That is going to make you are feeling great and provde the encouragement that you should be happy in life together with your private relationships.

Remember that you're the one one that may make choices for yourself. You must know that you're the one that is aware of what is finest for you. The regulation of attraction goes that will help you determine who you might be and what you want in life. This law is going to be one thing that reveals you the best way to be more confident in what you do and who you are. When you're optimistic on a regular basis and take into consideration the issues that you want it will give you power that's wanted to make your private life higher and more fulfilled. It is very important have wholesome relationships in life. Which means that the regulation of attraction might be there for you and provde the help that it's essential to make good selections about your private relationships.


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How to Save Your Relationship and Win Boyfriend Back

How to Save Your Relationship and Win Your Boyfriend Back
by Vivian Lee on February 3rd, 2011
Ok, so it happened. Mistakes were made, misunderstandings and differences of opinions abounded, highlighting tiny cracks in your once-seemingly perfect relationship until that eventually led to the break-up. So what now? You really want to make things right and get him back into your loving arms. Here are some helpful tips to send you along your way.
Start with you. In order to truly solve any relationship problem you need to identify what it was. Take a hard and honest look back at your relationship and where you and everything seemed to go so wrong. You might not have been at fault and maybe the breakup was more due to his issues and if that is the case, there may be little you can do to salvage it. But, if on the other hand, you can acknowledge some mistakes you made and learn from them, there is a good chance things could work out.
And while you’re dying to do something for him to show how dedicated you are and how much you want and care for him, wait. First, be the best “you” you can be in the beauty and styling departments. If all those sleepless nights and crying spells have made you unattractive, do something about it. Show him the beauty that he once fell in love with. Be natural about it and when you see each other again, he might just want to talk to you right there and then.
Friends can be very influential in one’s decisions – so win his friends over if possible. When you see them, show them your good side and explain your side of the story without sounding too dramatic, needy, or defensive. From there, leave them to their own decisions. You don’t want to come across as too needy or pushy. Their comments about you will make a big impact on your boyfriend’s decision.
Bring back the woman he fell in love with. If you were the kind of person who enjoyed eating street food when you were still together at the start of the relationship, bring her back into the scene. In other words, be consistent. Change is inevitable in life so always strive to change only for the better.
Be optimistic at all times. Any hint of pessimism, depression and imbalance on your part can quickly and totally derail your attempts to reconcile. They only weaken your efforts in bridging the gap – so avoid them at all costs. Positivity is contagious and attractive. Possess it and your light will shine right through.
Reserve a little for yourself. Before embarking on a journey to win his heart back, be sure to leave a little dignity for yourself too. There is no harm in showing your love and affection for that certain someone but looking like a fool or stalker while doing so is a different story. Respect yourself and he will respect you too.
Last, but certainly not least, ask yourself this very important question, “Do I really want him back?” The devotion and the commitment you express will help guide your decisions. If you notice that your efforts are uncompensated, perhaps you are not doing enough. Review your actions and feelings. Any action that you take reflects what is inside of you. If you don’t think you can win him back and if you don’t truly want to win him back, you won’t.
Love is never easy. It never has been. But by following the techniques mentioned above you may have the chance to save yours. Just remember not to let your feelings dictate your actions. Be the best you can be, be open and honest and a good listener and hopefully before long you’ll have your man back in your arms once more.


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The Untold Secret to a Happy Relationship

If you browse the web, you will probably notice that there are many relationship articles published. This is because there are many people who are not satisfied or have issues on their current relationship. And they seek for solutions in every word written on the article. So, what is it that makes a relationship last? Or what makes a happy relationship? The answers are found within us.
Perhaps, you envy a friend who has a six year relationship with his/her partner, but you have to remember that a long term relationship doesn’t always signify a happy bond. Sometimes a person has to stay in a relationship just because they consider something not only love is the reason. But for happy couples a happy relationship doesn’t always mean you have to stick together 24/7. They stay because they want their bond to always be satisfying and meaningful. In short, they want to be happy in it.
According to people in lab coats, communication, social support, trust, and faith in each other are the factors that make a relationship last for a lifetime. However, they don’t make it enjoyable or meaningful. The best relationship is the one that endow with satisfaction and not prioritizing the relationship itself which is an old cliché. The difference is, if you are satisfied in a relationship means you are happy and have plans to grow with it while putting the relationship first means full of doubts and selfishness. What you should prioritize is yourself, after all, your partner is already a part of you, and hence if you love yourself first, then you can give unconditional love to your other half without any doubts.
Today, people enter in a relationship to make their lives more interesting and meaningful. In other words, relationship in modern years is about self expansion, self growth, contentment and completing your life with someone that makes you a better person and vice versa. Relationship should not perceive as a way of feeding your own wants and needs without allowing the other to grow and become more dependent. You don’t accept someone in your life just to fulfill your own happiness. A happy relationship is composed of a couple that is ready to share and sacrifice everything they have for their other half while allowing each other to grow free of doubts and full of love.


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How to win your ex back

Break-up as it sounds is very disheartened for a couple either male or female, everyone wants to give second chance to their relationship; so that they can win back their ex. getting your ex back requires devotion and loyalty. If your partner is angry on you then you should not:
Keep on calling or messaging them continually because it is annoying and does not work at all.
You can not say jus sorry for everything you did.
You can not say and convince them by just saying that they are the love of your life as they will think then why you always hurt them.
You can not convince them by saying you will change as u also know it is not so easy.
You should not beg them for taking you back in their life.

May be your lover has told you that he don’t need you in his life, Even if it seems unpromising to win your ex back you should think at least once about any way, how to win your ex back in your life if you love them deeply and truly.
Some steps which will help you winning your ex back according to situation are:

Emotional needs:
It might happen that emotional need of relation are not given by the spouse, that is they might be feeling neglected. So in order to win your ex back you should give required emotional support to your spouse so that you can live happy life.

Boredom in relationship:
Couple might have felt that they are bored with each others company and can not connect to each other any more. In this case you should think once and remember those moments you laughed together and hopefully you will realize there is nothing better than winning your ex back.

Take some time:
In case you are feeling restrictive in the relationship and feeling like if you are struck then you should give yourself some time to re-think and this will probably help you to win your ex back.

Writing letter and apologise:
Letters and cards are the best way of communication among couples as they express everything what you can’t express by writing even. One should express himself with the help of small letters and beautiful cards in front of his partner so that you can win your ex back. For more information:


May be your lover has told you that he don’t need you in his life,Even if it seems unpromising to win your ex back you should think at least once about any way,how to win your ex back in your life if you love them deeply and truly.