Discipline From A Distance

Discipline. I guess in a long distance relationship it’s a bit harder to enforce. I haven’t experienced it full throttle so it’s a bit difficult for me to write about. Sir has given me tasks to do, but in the end it was for my pleasure. He doesn’t deny me, but it’s probably because I…Read more »

The Kinky Cowgirl

“Anyone can ride with us, you don’t have to be a member. You don’t have to ride a motorcycle; you can drive a car and help us carry our equipment.” – Traci Dickson Mrs Fever’s third prompt for the Summer Writing Challenge is “Ride.” When I think about riding, many things come to mind. I…Read more »

I’ll Still Be Your Dirty Slut

Last night, I took a picture in the shower for Sir and sent it to him accompanied by, “No matter how many times I shower, I’ll still be your dirty slut.” I’ve always enjoyed being Sir’s slut and how he corrupts me. I think Sir has really brought out the dirty, naughty, nasty, freak in…Read more »

Lust, Love, Longing

She’s done it again! The brilliant and talented Zavi James is on a roll. Last week, I finished reading her story, Homecoming, and over the weekend, I caught up on the sequel, Resurrection. If you’ve been here since the beginning, you will know that I’m a such a big fan of Zavi and she’s a…Read more »

Three Simple Words

Every time I talk to my lover, there are three simple words that sit on the tip of my tongue. Three simple words that I want to say to him when we’re in bed together. Three simple words that I want to say as he kisses me goodbye. Those three simple words may not be…Read more »